What I Played Last Week - 2014.10.26

I've been doing so much translation work that when I loaded up the file for this post I noticed I hadn't even updated it with this week's date. Not that I'm complaining about making money, but I've played less games this week and been more stressed out. An interesting thing to note.

Monster Hunter 4G

Some friends helped me through to Hunter Rank 7, which was nice, but I feel a bit burned out even though I didn't do much. I'm not sure if it is the not having time to sit down and crunch on the game or just indecision on how to take my character. When I do get to play with friends, it is still fun.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

A Puzzle and Dragons base (ew) with an ATB engine (yay!). This has been my game of choice for the past few days when I am indisposed[ref]Pooping.[/ref]. A lot of the lead up fights can be easily won on auto-battle, but the boss fights have been pure, tense joy. I'm hoping the grunt battles get a little interesting as it goes on, but as long as the boss fights maintain this level of enjoyment I'll be playing for a while.