[rainblocks development retrospective] 12 Broken Logic


  • Started rainbow time logic
  • Fixed withKey related crash. In general, do not use withKey

Here is a case where I really wish I wrote down more notes.

First, I don't recall what rainbow time logic I did. I think I tested a mode with fast matching of any blocks, but it was confusing and not particularly fun. The rainbow "clearing everything up" made more sense with the idea of rain and proved to be a powerful asset in higher difficulty stages.

I'm stretching to remember what my withKey related crash was. Because reading the Apple Documentation it sounds like it should do what I wanted it to. If I needed to remove a specific animation or re-start that animation, an animation withKey should do that! But I was getting hard crashes - this I remember clearly - and I had no idea what was causing it. Eventually I pinned it down to a specific animation but then I tried it without withKey and it worked just fine. That much I remember, but I know at the time I had a slightly stronger understanding of the why, and alas research at the moment isn't helping me remember that.

Always write down notes, kids.