Originally posted on tumblr April 1, 2012.

Playing games with other people used to be a thing that was either with my brothers or once a month or so when schedules could align properly and I could go to a friend’s house.

I used to think fighting games were sad. If you had no one to play with, what was the point of having the game?

The lack of online gaming and the distance my friends lived from me is probably what made me get into role playing games, now that I think about it. A sixty plus hour game just makes sense in that situation. Having gotten older, started a family, gotten a job, I now do more multiplayer gaming than I ever thought I would.

This morning I played Kid Icarus Rising multiplayer - from my bed. Being able to play games with people around the world from under my bed sheets is expected now. It is the norm. Even in a game like Icarus, a series I would have never expected to rise again, never mind sport multiplayer gameplay.

Which, is fun. Enough for a distraction, I suppose. I can’t see myself getting that into it. The single player, however, I intend to devour.

Having some friends over last night gave me a chance to play In the “retro” person-sitting-next-to-you way.

Can you imagine that? People whose multiplayer gaming experience has always and only been online? Always with voices from the speakers never from the person a few feet away from them?

We played Rayman Origin which is a beautiful game that reminds me far too much of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As fun as it was, I cannot imagine playing it with other people who are not in the same room as me.

The ribbing, the shouting, the mock pulling of hair when someone grabs the big coin and puts their score in the lead. All of these things just do not work in my mind if the persons I am playing with are located miles away.

I’m glad these experiences are still available. With the way gaming has gone in the past few years many things have gone the way of the dodo. New things have come, of course and some are likely better than my nostalgia will allow.

I guess we’ll see when my son begins to game.