Video Game Review

When I was a child things happened to me that happen to many children, but I frame them in the works of French auteurs in order to achieve the guilt and sympathy that is necessary to describe the world in which we live. My tears were like cats on hot tin roofs - metaphorical. Video Game grasps that childhood and crushes it between its meaty thighs, not caring about my feelings or the destination of my life through the walks of waking. It plays with the emotions and is abrupt in them. It does things with pictures and sound. Video Game is a colorful masterpiece and destroys what we know about technology.

It does things with pictures and sound.

Video Game ignores reality by bringing in photo-realistic graphics along with award winning orchestrated tracks that offend the senses a dystopia of shame and feelings that most are incapable of feeling. It is waste in the sea of trash that shuffles by our unaware footprints, begging to be seen and ignored for it its perfection. It is the best game I have ever played.

Video Game is the worst game ever created as it amounts to nothing but mashing of buttons. In order for, Character, the hero of Video Game to combat the massive swarms of Enemies that appear, well timed button presses are necessary to complete the combos. More moves become available as the game proceeds. I am completely disappointed by this game's lack of options as you play.

I am completely disappointed.

What boils down to an exercise in lack of understanding and patience, Video Game offers thousands of hours of interest and entertainment without an understanding of the player's needs in learning the game. The opening tutorial is excellent and gives a sharp look into the depth that will come as players continue their journey on into world of Video Game.

Video Game is art.

Video Game makes us question if the video game medium can even be considered an art form. Like a German Orgasm, Video Game is naught but meat and sinew, carefully crafted by a God in his or her own image and what a gross image it is. Anyone finding enjoyment out of this should seek help. I loved every second of it and recommend you play it.

Number out of ten.