Of lunch and lateness

I have been late to my job once. Black ice. Today I would have been late had it not been Morning Meeting Day, which meant no one does anything until 8:30 instead of the normal 8:20. Plus I'm contractually obligated to be there before 8:30. Since I tend to arrive before eight these days, I'd like to think I'm in perfectly good standing. My nerves shot up when I realized I was likely going to be late today. Already behind because of my wife being busy preparing a lunch for our son's school trip - and I needed one today because school lunch had been canceled for some reason, I rushed around to get everything together and put my Love Wife Bento right next to my bag. So I wouldn't forget it.

And yet I did!

After apologizing to the vice principal for being late (and by late I mean just in time for the meeting), he told me not to worry about it and asked where I got caught up in traffic. I explained my forgetfulness and got a hearty laugh along with a reminder that I love where I work.