Good-by, Terra Battle

IMG_6525It makes me sad that brainpower behind one of my favorite game series has come to create Terra Battle. It makes me sadder still to see people whose opinions I respect seem to genuinely enjoy the game. I want to feel like a cool kid. Instead I feel like I am in an unpublished Kurt Vonnegut novel that was in fact written by a fifth grader who probably could have used a few more hugs and a few more friends. Maybe that fifth grader in their freshman year in college. Probably not somewhere in between. I feel into its crafted trap for a slight while, but that illusion cracked when my finger slipped three times in a row. When my mistakes had no drawback in a boss battle, and my "strategy" remained unchanged, the game's flash began to fade and I felt like my finger had become a Pavlovian meat stick. I didn't feel like I was having fun anymore. I felt manipulated. And I felt sad.

Then again, perhaps Sakaguchi and I have parted ways. Blue Dragon has been the only Mistwalker game that I have enjoyed. A copy of The Last Story sits unplayed on my shelf. Maybe that disk needs to spin.