What I Played Last Week - 2014.10.19

Shadowrun Returns

This felt a little constricted. I turned down cash for a quest (quest giver was hard on for cash), but got nothing. This is a game, feeling "good" as a result of actions isn't enough. Gotta give me something. XP. Item. Make being a "good" person worth it. Otherwise, the best route is being an ass. What fun is that? I did finishing it within a few days though.

Hotline Miami

Two completed games in one week. Hotline Miami was hard but powering through it was easy. It was a really weird game.

Monster Hunter 4G

Will I regret this? Who knows! But I got it because Hearthstone just burned out for me and I need a multiplayer once in a while.

Terra Battle

I think I'm winding up on this. I've got some stuff to say but basically, it's boring and full of evidence that there is a huge grind coming up. The battles aren't challenging in any interesting ways and yet I can feel it get to the point where I need a lot of stuff that requires a lot of battles to do the upcoming battles. I'm not there yet but almost. And it is making game lose interest.