Always ends up big

I finished Shadowrun Returns and once I saw the credits and realized it was a Kickstarter project it all began to make a bit more sense. (Or perhaps I felt a bit more forgiving?) When I clicked around the menus and saw that there were tools for creating one's own Shadowrun Returns missions, I realized there was a bit more to this game than I thought. After all, I completed the game over a weekend. That's hardly something I do often. And I didn't put much time into it either. But, there is more to it. Nothing that I want, but hey. Content. Plus, I paid about $3 for it. Decent entertainment.

It did (spoiler warning!) get a bit silly at the end. Whereas it started with my one lone character trying to unravel a mystery, it did what so many stories do and got big. Too much of a scope. A cool little murder mystery turns into CULT SUMMONING BUG DEMONS TO DOMINATE THE WORLD WITH UNKILLABLE GHOST BUGS! Okay, cool. Well, did the story really need that? Did it need to get to the point where the whole world was at stake? Because it was feeling pretty damn intense early on but when it got to "I will inherit the spirit of the insect queen and dominate the world!" the uniqueness just slipped away.

But, three dollars. It was a quick, fun play with a neat little setting. Giant spirit insects or no.