Running in shadows

I've gotten a few chapters(?) into Shadowrun Returns and hmm. There is a Gaming Uncanny Valley that smacks me hard when it comes to electronic (digital!) versions of games with. All I can think about as I play is how empty it feels, when it is not so much more than most games. Comparing a tabletop to a video game is unfair. Both excel in different ways. Yet with a product like Shadowrun, I cannot help but feel the missing parts of the tabletop experience. Shadowrun Returns does feel a bit sloppy in some places, though. That doesn't help. I've found a handful of typos and editing mistakes, and the UI likes to bug out from time to time, especially in shops. I feel like I am playing it for pure research rather than fun at times, weirdly enough.


But I am making progress through it. It is oddly relaxing, and not too challenging. Realizing that I can save and load mid-battle means I could cheese the game if I want - which I may if the battles get too lopsided, but so far I have just been cruising along and mildly enjoying the story and setting. Mostly the setting.