What I Played Last Week - 2014.10.12

To the Moon

The story in this is interesting an touching, but I have to wonder what the benefits are of using the game medium to create it. I get how using RPG maker is a decent tool, but removing the exploration or at least removing the awful puzzle bits between segments would have made for a better game. Play up your strong points. Don't shove in "gameplay" to make it a game.

Trails in the Sky: SC

It has been a very talkative week. I have put about a half hour or so in each night and conversations just keep happening. Well, and some cooking. I have baked so many fucking cookies that I am going to force-feed any boss that pisses me off.


Holy shit this got bloody.

Final Fantasy World+Wide Words

I have hit the uncomfortable grind where I usually give up on these types of games. The party isn't powerful enough to make decent progress and the gains from battle are not enough to keep me entertained. It's a shame because like Pictlogica this is a fun mechanic, but I would have been happier paying 3DS prices for a game with a set amount of content and better balance.

Terra Battle

I've been writing a bunch about this one and I have a feeling I am going to keep doing it. There is something about a game that I dislike at some core level but keep playing.