Crunching metal

metalthingsSo despite being cranky about Terra Battle yesterday, I found myself crunching into it a lot today. These games tend to have a limit to them where the grind is too much to keep proceeding smoothly but the gains from previous battles are too low. So buy them tickets and get some super monsters/players/dogs/fruits whatever!

But there is no character fusion system here. So since that is missing I am curious as to what will happen as I dig further.

Each of the Big Important Type Characters has extra Job slots and collecting items allows for those to be unlocked. Lots of items (Mostly. One of my characters only needs one item, so I am assuming it is rare.) are required so there is part of the grind spot. But since I get the feeling I am going to want my characters to be high leveled, I might as well take advantage of any high EXP offering areas, right? Oh, wait. There is a place like that? Full of high speed, often battle fleeing enemies? That are metal types? Welcome to the Metal Zone!

It feels cheap.

Because the thing about metal enemies in Dragon Quest was that you might run into one - holy shit! And then you might even kill it - double holy shit! So it felt special. The Metal Zone in Terra Battle does get me lots of EXP if I take out these enemies, but it is not as hard and not as satisfying. But it is effective so I might as well hop into the zone when it's open. And sure, in Dragon Quest if you know what you are doing you can get yourself in an area with lots of Metal Monsters and kill them with such precision that it almost feels like cheating. But you devised that strategy (or looked it up - but even then you put in the effort to make it possible). Here it is given to the player early off and the battles aren't that hard even though a few do escape. It just doesn't feel like I earned it.

Oh shit, I'm an old man.