The price of data

I can't believe how much I'm being charging for data. My tech knowledge has dipped a bit in recent years, but when they say that a few more gigs will cost a few thousand more yen, I realize I have no way of knowing if this is a "deal" or not. When all three[ref]Well, the three that count.[/ref] cellular service providers are charging the same prices, competition means what exactly?So far it has meant my switching between SoftBank and au every two years.

These savings from switching are pretty good. Now that I'm back with SoftBank, their rule about throttling you down to unusable speeds if you use more than a gig of data over three days has had me on the edge. (This 1GB in 3 days limit is in the fine print at au (and docomo) as well. But if I ever went over they never slowed me down.) On the bright side, it has made me think about my data usage, no different from how the M7 chip has me thinking about my steps.

The last thing I want is slowed speed on a day that I end up needing decent rate. So I have become cautious. "Do I need to check Twitter now?" goes through my head before every opening of Tweetbot - an action that for better or worse was near automatic when I looked at my phone. Not that Twitter in and of itself is going to get me to a gig of data, but it all adds up. Those gifs.

This resulted in some hilarious, borderline under use of data.

0.04 GB over three days. I am going wild.

But checking Twitter has become a comfort when I am in an uncomfortable position. "How should I translate this line?" "How should I alter this game play piece to better the game?" "Why the hell is Xcode doing the same shit it always does?"

When these questions arise, I go to Twitter. I run away from the problem, even if just for a moment. And if instead I take a breath and say "Nope, don't need to use data. Let's work on this problem." Then I am taking steps towards completing goals instead of becoming The World's Best Twitter User.

Which doesn't pay so well, I hear.