What I Played Last Week - 2014.10.05

Trails in the Sky: SC

There is so much buildup that even a full blown release is going to take a while. The fun and challenge of the fights are on an upward slope.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

What is going on with the camera in this game? I understand why one would want it to snuggle up against Snake’s ass, alas that does not help so much in combat.

Final Fantasy World+Wide Words

I hit a wall in the form of the boss of the second “world” but going back and fighting some more until I completed enough quests to get some free in-game currency (that I could have paid cash for) and unlocked a fourth character (Warrior of Light. Boring!) helped me beat it. An interesting mechanic was introduced in this boss fight. Normally when it is the player’s turn there is a word per monster (not unlike Typing of the Dead) but there is no time limit to pick which word to type. Once input has begun, the faster it is done the more damage and better score, but until then there is time to think. This boss has a powerful charge move that can be canceled by inputting a long string before it goes off. It’s a tense moment that pays off well.