[rainblocks development retrospective] 11: Trials


  • Redid icons
  • Added "match 5" and "match 6"
  • Added sound/music off and on switches
  • Implemented turning sound sound/music off/on


  • Colorized Music/Sound off/on
  • Changed speed up/slow down logic


  • Worked on presentation


  • Worked on presentation


  • Changed touch iteration to anyObject
  • Started to change icon progression
  • Changed bonus time gains (Now +1.bonusCount)


  • Added ice
  • Added rainbow and "rainbow time" statuses, no logic

BitSummit 2014 was held on March 7 and 8 so the days leading up to it were some minor tweaks and preparation. BitSummit itself was great as I learned a lot about the game through seeing other people play it. Most importantly I learned that the game gave away too much time per match, but this was not the last change to be made.

Finally I added ice for a different kind of hazard and a rainbow, which was intended to be awarded for some sort of play. Using it would start "rainbow time" which would allow for fast paced, high scoring matching.

The most important thing I learned was that touching two blocks at the same time could cause problems. There was an easy solution, but I didn't find it for a little time.