No, you've got one thing to do today

"No, you've got one thing to do today. And then you've another thing after that if you get the first thing done." I will do this thing. Hell, I did it today. "I need to get this done." So I open the file. Start typing. "Oh, but this needs to get checked." Tab opened and I start reading. "Oh, but I should also get started on this." Boom, time passes and barely anything gets done.

This week's Back to Work references a talk Merlin did back in 2009 titled "Doing Creative Work : With All Due Respect to the Seduction Community". I had heard it mentioned before but just gave it my first listen now. The above line hit me.

I was two lines away from finishing a translation I was doing for fun. But I was so scared of even starting that I had no idea how close to completion it was because I was so nervous about even looking at what I had left to do now. It's done now and all I have to do is give it a check. Then I can go do more stuff.

I just have to keep starting.