Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.10.01

Three more games to the pile. Nothing for me, but they are at least interesting.

Wii U VC


F-Zero: GP Legend (GBA): ¥702 (¥440 cart-only, ¥640 complete on Suruga-ya) Super Ninja Boy (Super Famicom): ¥828 (¥410 cart-only, ¥990 complete on Suruga-ya) Mach Rider (Famicom): ¥514 (¥238 cart-only, ¥1150 complete on Suruga-ya)

The second F-Zero on the GBA, F-Zero: GP Legend holds an interesting spot as the only F-Zero game that was a sequel on the same system as another F-Zero game. This one is not available on the 3DS like its predecessor which came as part of the Ambassador Program.

Super Ninja Boy offers action based battles and if it sounds like I am reciting Wikipedia articles, well! I do get endless joy out of the names of these games, though, as it is easy to see why games named Super Chinese got a new title for release out of japan.

I had never heard of Mach Rider, and as a same day release as the NES in America, it is no wonder that my three year old self did not hear of it. I can only imagine that as the NES grew in popularity a lot of the early, simpler releases began to get ignored. It is not rare, from what I can tell, so I am honestly dumbfounded how I managed to go retro-game shopping all the time in college and never noticed this game. As it is a racer, I can only suppose I was not looking.