Step by step

daily_steps Exercise requires a daily commitment. Fitting it into the day means sacrifice. Even simple exercises. The idea of taking a walk to take a walk is a waste of valuable time. The idea of taking a walk to buy something instead of driving to buy something achieves enough to make it worthwhile. And with

I’ve yet to hit the 10k milestone (stepstone?) in a single day, but my thoughts about getting up and moving around has changed. And all it took was a chip in my new phone that records this data. Now I can use it and now it has changed how I move.

So what else can be changed? What other little tweaks can be inserted into a day that will lead to positive effects? Eating less bread and rice in a day has helped me shed fifteen kilograms (thirty-three pounds) in less than a year. Now how about my work?

Work feels harder than health even though both are daily events. But is this just because of a lack of noticing the one little part that if changed, removed or added that will make it feel as easy as health has? Does time need to be spent finding it or does work need to be done again and again until it is realized? Or will it fall into my lap like the chip that is in my iPhone 6 but not in my 5?