One week later

One week with the iPhone 6 and I have one problem with it. And it’s a weird one. I cannot take screen shots.

I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on video recording equipment, and the fact that iPhones allowed screen shots to be taken by pressing the home and power button together was glorious. I have done it so many times that I even have an IFTTT script set up that automatically dumps them into a Dropbox folder. It can’t be a software thing as I was running iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 for nearly a month and never had a problem.

The timing is off. Whereas on my 5 I would press both together, on the 6 I need to press the power button slightly before I press the home button. Otherwise the phone goes to sleep and things get a bit silly.

I am fairly impressed that my as-of-today-not-bent-iPhone-6 has only annoyed me in the one week it’s been in my possession.