What I Played Last Week - 2014.09.28

Ore Buster

Since I picked up an iPhone 6 with sixty four gigabytes of storage I plopped some games back onto my phone and have been flicking and tapping away. Sounding like a Minecraft clone, this old PC game turned iOS game is a bizarre little treat that suffers from the transition but has this “Indie Dragon Quest” feel to it that brings me back again and again trying to figure out its weird little world. Bonus romantic points for the original apparently being a QBASIC game just like my first (and lost to the world) game.

Final Fantasy World+Wide Words

One of the ways to input Japanese on a touch screen is through a layout that looks - and can operate - like button-having phones. What the touch screen added was the ability to “flick” in directions to quickly input characters. Typing of the Dead like games utilizing this input method have existed for years - even a version of Typing of the Dead, but World+Wide Words is a beautiful, Final Fantasy themed, Puzzle and Dragons design aping (the one ugh) take on it that will be getting my attention for the next week at least.

Legend of Grimrock

I finished this and am working out my thoughts. It was a downward slope from reliving adolescent joy to a painful slog with a finish so awful that I still feel dirty.

Trails in the Sky: SC

The last boss of Chapter 7 is such bullshit, but the kind of bullshit I love in RPGs. It did make me wish for a way to skip dialog, however. (In the TitS games you can restart any lost battle from the beginning, but loading a save is the only option if you want to change your equipment.) Figuring out how to handle the boss and then serving it a dish of bullshit in return was so satisfying. Onto Chapter 8 and maybe by 2015 I will be playing The 3rd.