Originally posted on tumblr March 23, 2012.

A salary man vomited on my shoes today.

Well, I actually didn’t see any on my shoes but it was mighty close. Frighteningly so.

As soon as it happened a train attendant came and asked the guy if he was okay. He responded in the affirmative and the train attendant went to get cleaning materials.

At this moment the woman sitting next to me went and offered the man a pack of tissues.

She got off at the next stop. Their relationship did not bloom like the dramas have taught me.

The next time the train attendant came out, he asked the barfer where he was headed. Same stop as me, it turned out.

I could have got up and moved, but I was too curious. So I watched.

At every stop someone came and did as much cleaning as they could until the train had to leave. We spent a good twenty five minutes with vomit on the ground.

But it wasn’t being ignored.

At every stop they accomplished something. Spreading sanitized sawdust like stuff on it. Covering it in newspaper. Sweeping it up.

Considering all that was available on the train was the sawdust type stuff, it was quite impressive how it was taken care of.

Of course, this whole time the man who vomited watched other adults clean up his mess.

He got off the train the same time as I did so I imagine he is at home now much like I am.

How must it feel to be in such a position.

There are of course some people who could sleep soundly even after such an incident. I cannot imagine that.