All day business

When I went to get myself a new cellphone I drove past a once-again empty store. Years ago it was a convenience store. Recently it was a sporting goods shop. I am not surprised to see that it is empty again. The location is not great. Middle of nowhere, not much around. If a twenty-four hour business that is designed to give people necessities couldn’t make it, why would a sporting goods store?

I do feel bad, though. It didn’t look like a chain. It seemed like something someone had had a dream to do for a long time. Maybe I’m romanticizing nothing. But it does remind me of my own “”business”” of making games and selling them. On a store which is open twenty-four hours. With ads that can give me revenue any time of the day. And while this revenue is nothing special at the moment, there is a slight positive feeling of waking up and seeing something happened while I was asleep.