A day with the iPhone 6

After the birth of our son my wife bought padded tiles that covered the living room floor for the past few years. Not only did they protect our child’s soft skull and make a more slightly comfortable floor for an impromptu nap, they raised our feet ever so slightly, making all cabinets and drawers slightly more accessible. It felt odd for a day or two.

With an upcoming move, the mats are now gone and that strange sensation returned. Then I bought an iPhone 6. My new life as a slightly smaller man is exciting, different and almost normal again. Picking up an iPhone 5s I feel like a big-man, capable of crushing the world.

The faded mark on my jeans left behind by the iPhone 5 juts out just slightly now, the crotch-pointing corner matching up with the iPhone 6. Either new jeans will take their place or a new style will soon arise.

As the old fades away into a memory and the new slowly replaces it, I will have moved, and continued on with my life, my hands not changing in size but only becoming used to the device that will be most often in it until time passes and a slightly different one replace it.