What I Played Last Week - 2014.09.21

This week just disappeared. I am actually a bit confused as to where the time went.

Legend of Grimrock

Some of the puzzles are a bit too much. I am not sure how I am supposed to be able to know that a particular switch only works if a body is standing on it, and then to get the key I need to run to a door I don’t know where it would be

Not sure how I can sleep and wake up with a monster running around the room. Seems a bit sloppy?

Trails in the Sky: SC

Been plowing through chapter seven, which is kind of great in the sense that I am getting a lot of battles but kind of boring in that the dungeons are bland. Were it not for the great battle system of this game I would be quite frustrated.

Final Fantasy 5

Uh, what? Yes! After not finishing the game during the Fiesta I decided to play a normal run of it and see if I can get some ideas on things to add the the Fiesta next year.