[rainblocks development retrospective] 10: Sunday, Muddy Sunday


  • Changed flash animation
  • Updated muddy
  • Bug with flashing?
  • Put in lifetime matches achievement
  • Put in games played achievement
  • Put in secret achievement
  • Created X matches text.
  • Combo text implemented. Works?
  • Implemented cloud movement.
  • Made iPad cloud
  • Background darkens and lightens over time.
  • status icon for each block
  • Fiddled with statuses
  • Implemented levels

What a big day. I had forgotten how much I had done before BitSummit, but it seems that the game really only needed to be tweaked and polished.

The text that popped up saying the current combo count got dropped by accident at one point, but I ended up liking that more, especially when the game was changed so the player did not have to wait for the animations to finish before moving on.

“Status icon” for each block sounds good, but I was actually doing it in a pretty poor way at this point. It wasn’t until much later that I made a rainblock class and had each block be one with its own status icons and animations, instead of doing it in the main screen’s code. Definitely an issue of “not doing things right from the beginning” but more so not cleaning up the code regularly and trying to break things down into manageable pieces.

It was efficient for me to “go with the flow” as the game ideas were coming to me and just get something out but on the nights that I was not in the mood to think something out, some clean-up would have been a better choice than forcing myself to add new features.

On a day like this one, though, getting stuff done was clearly the top priority.