A challenge

Whether or not this blog has improved my writing skills, pushing myself to write each day is something. I can say “I wrote this!” even though I am not entirely sure what this is.[ref]I just vomited in my mouth a bit at that cliché.[/ref] Since finishing rainblocks I have partially worked on a few different projects but nothing has stuck. TOUCH THE SCREEN was a little idea that I had and then executed, but that was a real quick project. I felt in a funk.

So my friend challenged me.

Each week I am going to design a game. Not necessarily one that will be made, but designed up. Write down the ideas. That’s it. No posting them here. Maybe I make them, maybe I throw the paper away. Maybe I keep it for a rainy day. I took one of my smallish notebooks and will dedicate ten pages, which is not much, but ten pages each week to getting down the basic ideas for a game. So far I have written out one and have started the second. I hate the second one, but I am working on it still.

The first one I like. I keep. We’ll see what happens, or even how long I keep with the process. It is an interesting one, however, and one that I hope will at least get my fingers moving some more.