What I Played Last Week - 2014.09.14

Trails in the Sky: SC

Weird that it makes you pick which color card key you want to use at the door. Seems like a pointless thing that can only be a downside to some gamers.

I found myself at a point in the game which echoed strongly what I disliked most about FC and goodness, that is not what I needed int he game right now. It is a bit of a reinforcement of how there are several things about the story and characters that I enjoy, but how those things pale to the gameplay.

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

This game is so PC. I remember it being pitched at me as some sort of sign that PC game developers could do JRPGs better than anyone else, and does it ever stink of that pride. With less than an hour played so far, it should end up being fun, if not a bit slow to play. The battle system is like an uglier and sloppier Baldur’s Gate.

Legend of Grimrock

The spellchecker in OS X wants this game to be called Legend of Rimrock. I have had a dungeon crawling itch for quite some time that Etrian Odyssey games didn’t quite scratch. And Grimrock, well, it is not quite scratching it either. But the game is fun enough and not as punishing as my memories of Eye of the Beholder tell me that game was. Which I never beat, along with the Etrian games that I owned. So if I do finish this it will at least be me finishing one of these games in my lifetime.