[rainblocks development retrospective] 9: Starting to get ready


  • Put in AdMob with broken code for rainblocks (warning enabled)
  • IAP set up!
  • IAP enabled along with restore.
  • Rain spread works on iPad
  • Set up social text cases


  • Changed tiles up
  • Changed rain
  • Fixed(?) icon for status


  • Colorized speed changes on the time remaining
  • Made homepage
  • Added blinking to current block


  • Added rules tab to game.
  • Implemented music (using subaku’s)
  • Put up achievements

I had used AdMob before, but I was implementing it into a live app. Doing the testing here I was lazy and just put in something so it would fail. Bad idea that later caused me some confusion. Test right, children. (To be fair, it is slightly annoying that I needed to put in information so each device I was testing on would not load ads, whereas with iAd I could just automatically get the test ads. Granted, it is obvious why this would be the case.)

This was my first time with IAP, but it was surprisingly painless. The rest of the time was some tweaks and other set-up to make the game as fully functional as it could be for BitSummit, which was about two weeks away at the time.