What could it be?


Shortly after releasing TOUCH THE SCREEN I had another idea that I just jumped into. This game is also coming along rather quickly and I just might get it done as soon as I can. Then work on something else.

“If you make enough stuff the library will take care of itself.”

While I am ridiculously proud of subaku and rainblocks, there was still a silly voice in my head saying “Maybe this is the ticket!” Perhaps it is immaturity, perhaps it is just something natural that those getting started in a field feel when they release their first works. But getting TTS out was just work in the purest sense. I produced something and released it.

Is it the best work I have ever done? Who cares? I took and idea that had been floating in my head for over a year and turned it into a thing. Then a new idea came to me. Now I am making another thing. I am learning new things and making things. It feels good.