At the movies

After listening to one-hundred-and-four episodes of The Flophouse I have come to develop a slight bit of, let’s say, jealousy towards movie fans. A movie-buff I am not, hell I am not even much of a movie watcher. And yet it has made me think. Laugh, too. A whole lot of laughter. But the amount of discussion that comes out of a film that is so much shorter than a book or game is quite marvelous. Hearing about how movie fans will rewatch favorite films causes bit of jealousy. To replay my favorite games takes much more time, and I probably have as many favorite as any movie lover. Finding the time to replay the Final Fantasy games took me the better part of a year and I have yet to plunge deeply into 10-2 or any of the 13 games. And let’s not even speak of my attempts at playing the Breath of Fire and Kiseki games.

Perhaps it is this required time-dedication to games that causes some of the ferocity of the fans. As much as I would like to play many of these upcoming fighting, monster-hunting, MMO or Phantasy-Star-Online-like games, goodness, pick one and you’d have a fill for a long, long time. Hell, my love of Hearthstone has dipped simply because the time requirement began to out pace what I could offer it. And so I poke at the backlog.

Now I am left wondering if developers did it the wrong way when trying to make games more like movies.