Better battery

It turns out my iPhone 5 qualified for a new battery. It has been a week since I had it replaced and goodness, did it ever need the replacement.

With a round-trip hour and a half commute each day, and a plugged in computer at work, my iPhone 5’s goofy battery was rarely a problem. There were a few times where it would do the “die at 30%” dance, but I picked up[ref]Someone gave me.[/ref] a portable charger last year and keeping that in my bag was a great idea for everything that USB can charge. And sometimes the iPhone wasn’t dumb.

I had somehow made a lifestyle where a goofy battery wasn’t a hassle. Now with a new battery - in the old phone, at that - I realize how bad it was. As I said, I charged fairly regularly, but the dips were noticeable when they happened. Now, I have used my phone fairly regularly throughout the day without charging and found it to be at a healthy percent in the evening. Not one that I would go out without my extra battery, but that seems to be more habit than necessary.

Not a single shut down before 1% either. Not that I had it happen with strict regularity prior, but it was odd how I had it happen earlier in the year, not so much for a few months and then it was back with a relative vengeance in the past month or so.

I mentioned that it was the same phone - a friend had assumed they would just give me a new one. But, no. They took my phone for four hours, (Osaka badly needs another Apple store.) and I got it back with that slight little ding on the lower right part of the screen and a healthy, happy battery.

The battery did teach me some things. Turning off battery percentage was a good idea. Getting into the habit of checking the remaining battery was silly. It also got me to turn off a lot of notifications. And except for messages from people, email about work, alarms and calendar reminders, what do I need notifications for? Twitter? Facebook? I have been much better off since those notifications got disabled. Cutting down on the time spent there increases the time spent translating, coding, gaming and writing. And that, I have discovered, is who I want to be.