What I Played Last Week - 2014.09.07

Bit Trip Runner

I ended up with this in my Steam library at some point and I have no idea how. What a neat, yet terrible idea for a game. Start the stage over every little mistake? Why would I play this? It is a Bemani game where one note wrong and the song starts over. Far too infuriating for A Clumsy Gamer.

Majin Shojo -Chronicle 2D ACT-

I was stuck on the final boss but eventually turned the difficulty down to Easy after the frustration got to me. Easy was, as promised, easy. Far too easy. It gave health drops after the boss fights in the gauntlet. This was nice! The bosses themselves had toned down attacks and took more damage. Again, nice but far too easy. Had Normal given the health drops (Heck, there is a higher difficulty above Normal, after all.) I might have made it to the final boss not hurting as badly and not been as frustrated when Game Over popped up. It was still a fun little Rockman clone.

Ultima 4

I cannot recall the last time a game made me nauseous. Thinking myself ready for a history lesson on computer Role Playing games, I tried out Ultima 4, because it was free on GOG. Alas. Holy shit the jittering of movement. I played for an hour or so - by which I mean I wandered around, died a few times and

Trails in the Sky: SC

It seems every single time I try to get back into this game I find myself in a talky section. Which is not a bad thing as this series is good with dialog. Yet what I love the most is the battle system, which makes it unsurprising that when I get to dungeons or boss battles or anything I plow through it until I get to a talking part, which, when I am tired and playing at night is a easy time to fall asleep. Hence my 123 hour playtime on FC. Remember, the Vita is not so good with putting itself to sleep when you are playing a PSP game.