[rainblocks development retrospective] 8: Starting to get social

2014.02.23- Muddy! All blocks brown until you move them! - Make “game over” flow like the status text! - Done! - Changed orange to an easier to see color - Prevented new game from starting before the menu shows - Added hi-score - Need to change “high-score” to “hi-score” - Implemented start of twitter! - Facebook?

2014.02.24 - Put in Facebook and made FB icon - Need to grab GC stuff from subaku - Need to plan out status logic - IAP Stuff - Started IAP process - Need to rest up.

2014.02.25 - Implemented Game Center - Facebook is in and worked yesterday!!! - iPad works vertically. Need to do horizontal logic. - Rain in iPad needs to be fixed.

As cliché as it may seem, a rainy Saturday and my son’s rain boots were the inspiration for the muddy status in rainblocks. And it is easily my favorite thing in the game. The frantic game play it enables teamed with it fitting theme so well just makes me smile with the most ridiculous sense of pride.

Aside from little tweaks to the color and UI, most of these three days was spent implementing Twitter, Facebook and Game Center. These three have changed a fair bit since I implemented them into subaku, but getting them to work was much easier this time[ref]Logically.[/ref]. Both Twitter and Facebook are handled so similarly now that almost everything can be done by a few calls and then just pumped into the social network of the user’s choice. Game Center was similarly easy to implement and had only a few changes in how things were “supposed” to be done.

All of my math worked out well in the transition from iPhone to iPad, but of course the horizontal iPad mode needed massive amounts of changes to become playable. I was torn between making left and right handed modes like subaku had, but in the end a nice clean layout won out and keeping the board in the center meant players did not need to rotate it a certain way to have it comfortable to play.