Starting blues

Back in college I decided to play all of the Final Fantasy games. And then all of the Dragon Quest games. Then I was bad at finishing games again. But what did happen was I got into the habit of starting up a new game as soon as the credits finished scrolling on the one I last played. I still do that to this day but now I find myself in a “funk” for a few days after finishing any game. I will still start a new game, however, making my “Currently Playing” list grow. When I finished Final Fantasy 10 nearly two months ago I immediately booted up FF10-2. And while I am not not excited to play it, I find myself wandering back to other games I had in progress. Just like I did with 10 I will surely find myself back in 10-2 and playing with extreme gusto. But I have to wonder why this wandering starts.

The feeling I have reminds me of Magic: The Gathering tournaments I used to go to in high school. The night before the tournaments was always magical. Friends and I would gather together, often I would bring a freshly baked pizza or pizzas from my part time job, and we would eat and do last minute tournament preparation. Then we would drive (or be driven) to the tournament. A fun, talkative drive. We would play, lose pretty early, play some casual games, trade and then for me the sadness would set in.

Instead of being happy it happened, I felt sadness that it was gone. And yet now that one of the friends who accompanied me on these trips is himself gone, I see no logical option for life other than to cherish these moments.

I have time to play games and time to talk with friends about them. That is pretty great.