Farewell, Four Job Fiesta 2014

FFVFJF2014 $10,561.64! As of my writing this. Wow, that is a heck of a lot of money. Donations will still be accepted until September 5, so get your pledges and final donations in.

I am super happy to see everyone having fun and still playing Final Fantasy 5. I have a few more ideas for next year and some things obviously need tweaking in the system. Including issues with Twitter and accounts being followed. I do need to issue an apology to people whose tweets I just couldn't see. Hopefully by next year everything will be sorted out.

Anyway, once the donations are closed I will start on this year's infopicture. Do look forward to it.

If you can't wait for next year, you could always look at the countdown!

But seriously, thanks everyone. Hope to see you next year!