[rainblocks development retrospective] 7: Animation issues

2014.02.21- Changed up for smother animations - Added four digit counter - Started iAd support - Looks good maybe? - (Unintelligible) - This might be where to check for IAP - Web page teaser done - Created a way to show game over

2014.02.22 - Started making size changes for iPhone 4/5 - Bug! Well, double clears can happen which animates weirdly. But chdoe should be put in to prevent that. - When inserting new two if it creates the next match, flip them. - Need to check if the next goal will be auto matched - Okay so that seems to be stopping most the weirdness but it still happens. Passing in what the are going to be will cover that up, though. - Maybe kill the last frame and alpha 0 instead? - New games should be okay. But! What was that weird empty one. - Yup! That works, animates a bit fast but good start - Set up Settings Singleton and high score saving - Created text and icons for status blocks - Implemented only one status right now - And only one can ever be up - Maybe two or three? - Added bouncing text - Implemented them all! - Need to change them, but should work. - Up to two bad ones? - And start of like very tend seconds and maybe decrease over time

Hey, I wonder if February 22 was a Saturday[ref]Sure was.[/ref].

rainblocks was intended as a little project to get me familiar with SpriteKit and deeper into game design. subaku was a bit of a cheat since I did it in the native iOS engine, UIButtons, UILabels and so on. The animation in that game was limited and easy to handle since it would only do animation one at a time. The game was designed around my own limitations.

So rainblocks was an exercise in stretching. And as we will see over the notes, the animation for the matches happening in sequence will come up time and time again. I never got it right until about a month before the game was released.

It was at this point in my development that I was 1) glad I was not an Android developer and 2) not happy that the iPhone 4 was still being supported. With the talk of a 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone coming this autumn, I shudder at the restructuring I will have to do. Yes, yes, good things will come I am sure but if the iPhone 4 is still supported (And why wouldn’t it be? It has iOS 8 support.) That is potentially four sizes to work with.

Some game developers add little borders. Square-Enix does it with the iOS versions of Final Fantasy games. I don’t particularly care for how it looks, and it results in a very uninteresting problem to solve.

Anyway. Lots of little UI tweaks happened here and I am finding that my handwriting really is insufferable.