More Vs


Ah, what a refreshing game. I was surprised how quickly I finished “Doing Things the Hard Way” this time - especially since I was playing on iOS. The touch controls worked, although it does feel like they were made to work as best as they could with the game instead of the game itself being changed.

What’s weird is I found myself smiling and breathing calmly during this replay. Then I looked up what I wrote last year when I replayed the game. Creepy. Almost as much as how much my son seemed to enjoy watching my deaths more than my success. Well, I suppose “creepy” is a bit too strong. Although he tends to get annoyed if he sees me playing a game and I am not making progress, this time he thought it was hilarious how I was doing the same thing over and over gain, seconds after my previous attempt.

VVVVVV is, as of this writing, $0.99 on iTunes and its hard to beat that price for a classic that plays surprisingly well with touch controls.