An origin story

Poking through Ys Origin for a while today I was pleasantly surprised how much I was enjoying it on Easy Mode. Hopefully I will not miss out on much, but I don’t think Falcom pulls that trick.

It does get to the action quickly and surprisingly drops a lot of things that Ys always had. Adol aside, the lack of shops and a large equipment screen that would eventually be filled by the purchases made there is a bit of a surprise. Along with upgrades being purchasable at the save points, it seems to say that this game will be without the towns that I have seen in the previous games that I have played.

That’s not all the game is telling me through these mechanics. The upgrade prices start at 100, the next is 1000, and it quickly climbs into the range of “I have to sit and read those numbers instead of instantly recognize them”. Several also have “Lv. 1” attached, meaning that either the drop rate for the game’s currency is going to increase soon or there is going to be a frustrating amount of grinding. My experience with Falcom tells me it is going to lean heavily towards the former but it might not be as close as I hope.

Then again, Easy Mode.