Getting what you want

Go, French-speaking frog, go.

As I sit here grinding against bees, statues and various plant-life so that a frog may hit level 15, I realize that I am playing Breath of Fire 2 out of some sense of duty. One day I will be drinking and eating with some friends and something will remind one of us of Breath of Fire 2 and I’ll say that game sucks and we will go on a twenty minute discussion of why I am wrong and why I am okay with that. And that twenty minute talk will make all the hours played worth it. Plus, I just kind of like playing games for the sake of having played them even if I am not enjoying the game so much.

Which is why I am continuing to chip away at Azure Striker Gunvolt. In retrospect I should have not bought the game, at least because its only form is digital which means the best I can do is delete it from my 3DS. There is no getting back even a portion of the spent cash on this. I was hoping for a certain kind of experience - one that it is most assuredly not - and there is no one to blame but myself. I jumped the Gunvolt. If the score attack aspect of the Mega Man Zero games is what turned you on more than the challenge of beating the game for the first time, perhaps Gunvolt has something for you.

It feels mean to bash on Mighty Gunvolt, the free Famicom-like game that came with Gunvolt (and only will until mid-November, so get on it), but the game itself feels unfinished. It smells of potential, which offends me more than the full-featured Gunvolt which I simply do not care for.

Majin Shojo -Chronicle 2D ACT- is scratching the itch that I originally applied Gunvolt to. It is a little bit Rockman, a little bit Gradius, a little rough around the edges and yet still a game that has me cheering and pumping my fist when I finally take out a boss. It also appeared at BitSummit 2014, which means it is an awesome game. I somehow did not see it. Anyway, watch this video and if you don’t smile? Golly, I don’t even know at this point.