[rainblocks development retrospective] 6: Getting the movement going

2014.02.15- Tried out white border on text. Looks bad. - Made each letter of the title one color. - Next up is the numbers

2014.02.16 - Need to clear board when paused. - Need to reset match x on new game - Make a pause screen

2014.02.18 - Turn down clear delay just a little. 0.2 maybe? - Pausing when game is turned off or sleeping - prevent negative time from showing

This span of four days was a bit of clean-up in terms of interface and trying to make the game something I could show off at BitSummit. I wanted to have a roughly completed game that I could get lots of feedback on and perhaps be encouraging enough to find a musician and an artist. And I did.

I ended up spending a lot of time not only coding but tweaking the art to make something that represented what I wanted. The game’s final look is much nicer than I had imagined, but the core is there, and that took time.

The Pause menu and its related quirks, such as handling the game going into the background, caused me to find an interesting issue that resulted in the only answer I have given on Stack Overflow.