Sweet, glorious yen

So Steam has updated to have yen, and I get notified of this and my prices are in yen, and it claims my wallet should be in yen… and it is not. Convenience stores are still an option for me when checking out, however applying my Steam Wallet and then paying th rest at the Circle K where strange things are afoot is not an option. Perhaps if my local conbini had less things afoot. Alas.

With a reimaging of Shadowgate available now, I either have to plop down the full price or wait until it is lower than my wallet total. And since this is Steam where ridiculous prices happen with regularity, even though I am okay with supporting developers at the price point they choose to offer, my real-life wallet says otherwise.

Again with the alas.

So I did the “dirty” trick of leaving trading-card-having games running until I got my cards and sold them for pure profit. Now with a slightly fatter Steam Wallet… I still have to wait, but perhaps I could play these games.

I fiddled around with Terraria and it made absolutely no sense to me. 2D Minecraft, and I am very sorry if this actually came first? I don’t know and my son did like the bunnies. Then I accidentally killed one and he giggled and said the rabbit “broke”. Well then, that game got turned off quickly.

With my child not looming around I played a bit of Magicka, which is so much more interesting in theory than in practice. I also booted up Ys Origin and completely forgot to screencap the dialogue of “Ow, my butt…”. I am going to have to start over.