Heroic Curse of Naxxramas cleared

I took out the last two bosses of Curse of Naxxramas tonight and found it much easier than last week’s challenges. Having the new cards tied to this mode was fun, and I am actually going to be bummed without new content next week. The AI was far to easy on normal and on Heroic it was borderline cheating - hell one time the game said that it will cheat - but it cheated consistently and that was able to be played around. Damn, I was angry when I thought I had an easy way to win and the game said “Nope. You played that card, and you weren’t told this, but it is banned here. So nope. Try again.” Frustrating, but it made the challenge a bit deeper.

Quite possibly the most interesting matches were the class specific ones. Being given a specific deck and having to win with it was the game telling me “Yes, it is possible with this deck. But you figure it out.”

How could this have been better? Dust, gold, achievements, something for say, beating each boss with each class. Something that would have kept me in Hearthstone when I was frustrated at the player versus player mode. That all said, since I only paid for this with my time (that is, buying it with gold from daily quests and matches) it was well worth it all around.

Now to deal with the shake-ups these new cards have added and hope that the next batch is not too far off.