[rainblocks development retrospective] 5: Beginning work

So let’s take a look at the notes from my first two recorded days. Since I started on February 7, by this time I had the basic game play implemented and was

2014.02.12 - Created text textures for colors, match, score and time - Centered them for being off the center line of the frame - Size hardcoded

2014.02.14 - Thinking about the animation chaining - Changed animations to go in order - changed match to go properly with combos - disabled input during combos. - What about pause? - Added rain particles.

So by one week in I had added the rainbow particle effects which was ridiculously easy in SpriteKit. Silly how easy it was. As this was supposed to be a quick project just to make something, I hardcoded the text as images. Bad idea? For localization, indeed, but using the handmade fonts (I even think my original was kind of okay) really added a nice touch to the game. I’d not do it again, though. As I said before, the color match text was tossed out for colorblindness support and the time eventually just became an easy to understand bar. Not sure what I meant by “size hardcoded” unless that was referring to the in-game math for the positions?

“Changed animations to go in order” refers to making the match animations happen sequentially instead of all at once. From early on getting the animations to go in order was a key concern. So much that I disabled the ability to move blocks while a combo was happening. This slowed down the game significantly and was not what I wanted the game to be. Figuring out how to keep everything in order, however, was an issue that went on through most of the game’s development.