Listening to podcasts

After using it for about three weeks now, I have to say Overcast is a damn nifty podcast player. Five bucks unlocks some features, two of which completely fixed a problem I had listening to Japanese podcasts. One, that the volume on them often seemed to be much lower than the other podcasts I had subscribed to and two, the slower speed of conversation.

Which seems weird since Japanese as a language feels fairly fast to me.

But! With a smart-speed feature that looks to shorten silence and a voice boost that keeps the volume equal amongst your listening choices, those five dollars have equaled me listening to a lot of podcasts. Even NHK.

And with all the time I have been saving, I found myself wanting more podcasts. So I filled up my iPhone with a good number of episodes of The Flop House and even though I am not much of a movie-seeing-man it is a delightful and hilarious piece of entertainment. I call it a “study session” on how to be funny. Because they are funny. And you will feel you to can be funny if you listen.

Probably not. Who knows? Good listening. Even for movies I have not seen.