Ys guy

Ys 3-2014.08.04-19.54.08

As I sit and think of the thoughts from having finished Ys: Oath in Felghana, I watch the Super Famicom version of the original release “play itself” as a controller sits wedged in a desk drawer with enough pressure upon the Y button so that Adol may smack away at an infinite number of spawning insects, each one increasing his experience points by three. Let’s not forget that he will have enough gold to buy the best equipment in town and I have not even done the first dungeon yet.

Although I will have eradicated any of the game’s initial difficulty (Getting to the maximum player level seemed to be necessary in the early Ys games. You could over-level to a degree but by the end of the game it was your skills versus the game.) there is something endlessly charming about having “broken” a game by its own mechanics.

After the thrashing that Oath in Felghana just gave me, breezing through the original version may be a joy - or it may be a sharp reminder that there is something to be had by a sense of challenge. We shall see. That is why I am doing this.