Hearthstone stats for July 2014

Hearthstone-2014.08.01-16.43.4053.56% win rate over 323 matches in July.

What started out as a lackluster feeling towards the game (while playing a Miracle Rogue deck) ended up as a full-on reinvigoration with just the addition of a scant few cards. I would not entirely like to know how many of those 323 matches were over the past week, but then again playing Zoo means I can get a lot of quick matches in. Most games are over before either player hits ten mana.

Zoo has a lot going for it that makes it my deck of choice. Cheap, effective, fun as hell when pulling out unexpected wins and fast enough that I can play a lot without spending all of my free time on the game. There is no way I spent over fifty hours on the game in a month (then again, two hours a night would be sixty) so under ten minutes a game is, I suppose, the average.