July 2014 backlog report

Mmm, backlogs.

Completed Games * 2014.07.05: Shovel Knight * 2014.07.12: Bleed * 2014.07.14: Guacamelee * 2014.07.19: Final Fantasy 10 HD (Replay) * 2014.07.25: Rockman Rockman (Easy Mode) * 2014.07.26: Super Mario World (Replay) * 2014.07.27: Dragon Quest 2 (Replay)

It has been a while since I cleared a fair chunk of games like this.

All of the games I completed this past month have stirred up a variety of thoughts, particularly replaying both one of the later day FF games and an early DQ. They are very much the reason I quickly found myself tiring of FF14.

The games I acquired on Steam were a nice lot that gave a lot to chew on.

Purchased Games * 2014.07.13: Rockman Rockman * 2014.07.14: Breath of Fire 3 * 2014.07.22: Rockman Dash * 2014.07.22: Rockman Dash 2

Ah, the allure of sales. ¥500 for each of those four Capcom titles was quite fair considering what they go for in stores still.