Itchy... Uncomfortable

Waking up this morning with eyes that did not want to open I had a hunch some sort of allergens made their way to my face. With a running nose all day I have to wonder what joyous pollen snuck into my home.

Which makes me feel like a crazy person because these allergy-like symptoms are not consistent, nor cold-like in any way. Some days it happens. Some days it does not. Some years it happens. Some years it does not.

As someone who prides himself in having at least a basic understanding of mathematical principles, the “randomness” of life is a bit frustrating. Explainable, understandable and able to be dealt with, but not the simple equations that I would like to break it down to.

May equals nasal congestion. August equals sweaty.

These would always be unpleasant but if they were consistent, they would feel better. Alas, it is a simple annoyance of life that I just have to deal with and then find myself writing about because the pounding nasal pressure does not want to give me room to consider anything else.