NuZu and the fifth rank

Well, it is pretty late in the Hearthstone month but I hit rank 5. Which means very little in the game as Legendary is the whole goal. But! I did it. I have been playing Zoo with two of the new cards from Naxxramas and it is pretty great how even six cards added into the mix switched up the game so much. Especially considering how only three of the cards are used at a significant rate and one of them I am being fairly generous to. The fact that they are rolling out these new cards over the next few weeks is a tad annoying to me as, well, I am not used to this in card games! They tend to come out in big chunks every few months, or in the case of Yu-Gi-Oh... Well, actually I suppose Yu-Gi-Oh is a good example of this because a few new sets come out each year and special bonus cards are tossed around here and there. Most of the cards there are unusable junk, however, so it makes the cards in Hearthstone more of a treat as they are good and so far, few.