Vertical speed

dq2_hargon My iPhone’s rotation lock feature is almost always turned on. The amount of time lost having to deal with the device rotating when I do not want it to is minimum but nonetheless, may as well avoid it when I can. I don’t need it unless I need it. And then I can unlock it. A net gain in time, perhaps?

But another place this is happening for me is games. I am finding myself much likelier to complete a game on iOS if it plays vertically instead of horizontally. I just finished Dragon Quest 2 and talk about its looks all you want, the ease of hopping into the game, playing a bit and hopping out, never having to rotate anything, never needing more than one hand, immensely increased the amount of moments I could find myself comfortably poking at the game.


Compare this with Final Fantasy 5 on the iPhone which I am replaying as part of this year’s Four Job Fiesta. I thought playing it on the iPhone would grant me more time to get to it, but the need to use both hands, silly as it may sound, is an actual impediment to getting gaming done in those moments.

Which sounds silly, but when I sit down to play on my 3DS or my Vita, or even a console, my two hands and all of my concentration become dedicated to the cause. The iPhone turned DQ2 into a Twitter-like moment. Just check a few things. Get a few experience. Make a few steps towards victory.

Repeated progress towards a goal made easy.