[rainblocks development retrospective] 3: Money, Money, Money

The next page in my little book gives a basic layout for the game screen. iAd would be on top with the color to match, the score and the remaining time below. Then the blocks take up the bulk of the screen and pause button sits in the bottom left hand corner. And this ended up being basically the layout for the game.

There are some important changes, though. Originally the color word was displayed instead of the block. This would make more work for localization as well as the player who would have to read and then think. Plus, “red” is not particularly useful for colorblind players, who I wanted to support. It did not take long for me to switch to displaying a miniature version of the block instead.

The choice to go with iAd and an IAP to remove the ads was not an easy one. But the idea came from the timing. Would the Flappy Bird phenomenon happened if it was a paid game? Making my game free seemed like much less of a risk than paid considering my marketing budget. And as of now it seems to have paid off in the game doing fairly better than subaku did. Progress.

The idea was to keep rainblocks simple. The pause menu would simply be a list of things you would want to do. Remove the ads, resume the game, start a new game, turn on and off music and sound effects. This carried over to the final product although a “how to play” was added.